7 West Cafe is very easy to miss because the restaurant is SUPER small and the entrance looks like the door to a residential home.  The special thing to this petite restaurant is the hours of operation: 24 hours, 7 days a week and during all holidays.  But let’s talk about the experience.

The exterior like I said looks very ordinary, nothing stands out and customers could easily miss its entrance. Now once you enter the building, you are greeted by some FINE old-fashioned decorations. Tables are quite small and spacing is limited but the atmosphere is quiet with a tint of classiness. I really enjoyed my time here because all the diners were respectful and spoke quite softly or within their own space. Nobody was yelling or screaming and everyone seemed to have been absorbed in their own little meals. It’s an absolute treat for couples and small parties of 3-4.


I read on urbanspoon that many people complained about the service but I also noticed that they were directed to one particular male server. We were served by two different young ladies who gave us no problems at all. They kept on checking on us to see if our food was good and honestly did a great job. Nothing out of the world, but I have no complaints.

The food was decent but nothing to boast about. Portions were huge and neither of us could finish everything off our plates. To begin with I went for the safe route and ordered the regular brunch meal: eggs, toast, potatoes, and sausages. Now what I find interesting is that the sausages were half its original size (or maybe they were made that way) but they tasted great so I guess quality > quantity. I didn’t like the toast at all, they felt super dry and I could barely digest the crumbs. The meal as a whole was average. For $10.95 (I think), it was a bit overpriced but definitely wouldn’t be labelled as “bad”. I didn’t taste my friend’s pizza but she said they were great so lah lah lah.



My rating: 8/10
What it deserves: 8/10

7 West Café on Urbanspoon

I really enjoyed where we were sitting and the atmosphere overall. It’s not like the food was a big disappointment so I don’t think I would take too many marks off of the whole experience. The only negative thing to write about is the time it took to prepare the meals. We waited quite a bit but this is an issue for all the costumers. I’d definitely come back for dinner and see if things would be changed at that time. Although the restaurant is nothing out of the ordinary I’d definitely find it a great place to chill if I’m killing time or want to catch up with a long-time friend.


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