I’m not in a particularly great mood today but meh. I hate boys, they are like the anti-climax to my existence. Money seems to be the source of their survival and anything that messes with the ka-ching means hell to them. My boyfriend accidentally left his credit card info in my Groupon account. I gave him a quick message and said it was saved there. He obviously asked me to remove it and I jokingly said, “No” haha. He got really mad and said that he would change his credit card number. I’m like, “Are you serious? If I wanted to use your card why would I even bother telling you the info was saved in the first place?” He apologized saying it’s a sensitive issue. Well dude, maybe you should trust me a little more. I guess what I’m annoyed about is his response. It’s like my connection or relationship with him didn’t matter at all. If I needed money, I’d ask someone who was actually rich Mr. Boyfriend.

Anyhow let’s move on to today’s review of Turtle Jacks. Unfortunately it wasn’t a great experience so this will be more of a rant.

Link to the website: http://turtlejacks.com/

I just wanted to start off with this one because nothing else was positive at Turtle Jack’s. Menus were big, pictures were colourful, and everyone got to choose between booths and normal tables. The washroom was also really nice. In short, no complaints. Decent, good, and presentable.

OH GAWD, WHEN DID CHINESE PEOPLE EVER COMPLAIN ABOUT SERVICE. All fingers point towards Turtle Jack’s. There was only ONE, ONE frigg’n family ahead of us but we waited a few minutes before anyone approached us. They had 2 waitresses and A MANAGER, why couldn’t they walk like 3 extra steps around the first family to ask us? OK anyways this was very minor. Yeah that’s right, THAT was minor. The waitress quickly sat us in a booth then said, “Please take your time looking at the menu.” What is that supposed to mean? Is it going to take a long time before someone asks us for our order? BINGO. A good-looking young man came to our table maybe 10 minutes later and was polite to start. We were heading to a party afterwards and did not want to order too much. He started giving us attitude for not ordering more than 2 entrees. He kept urging us to order drinks and appetizers and turned away when we politely declined. THAT WAS THE WORST SERVICE EVER. Why does it matter how much we order? I’m sorry, but I’m not going to order from your tiny list of beer choices. Anyhow we were later served by other staff and I’m not sure if it’s because the restaurant was short-staffed or that they noticed every table was annoyed by this waiter. He was a little better when giving us the bill but I was pissed off. I’m sorry but I have money and it’s my choice if I want to spend it at Turtle Jack’s or not so please, don’t give me fucking attitude for not ordering a set meal.

The portions were really big so please give them one round of applause. The only unfortunate thing was that dishes were not fairly priced. I’d say that their quality was not any better than Boston Pizza or let’s say Moxie’s so why do they think all the mains should be priced at $15 or more? My boyfriend ordered the meatloaf which did taste really good and from what I know is the staff’s favourite dish. I ordered their “famous” ribs which honestly tasted like the ones I could cook up at home. There was nothing HORRIBLE about it; it was easy to cut and the meat were fine. However, their original sauce was probably from some store-bought bottle and nothing original. I did get coleslaw and fries on the side and BLEH that coleslaw…I would have rather went to KFC for my greens. I didn’t hate the food but it was not worth it.



My rating: 7.3/10
What it’s worth: 7/10 LOL

I would not come back. If you want average food then please just order at a food court. The service would be faster and actually FRIENDLIER. The only reason we went to Turtle Jacks was because the restaurant beside it was fully booked. For those who insist that Turtle Jack’s might be a good choice, I found some ideas:
– You are only going for the meatloaf
– You have to kill time

If everything was lowered by $3…I’d come back.


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