This restaurant has been pretty hyped up the past year or so and from what I know, line-ups can last as long as 45 minutes.  For us we waited approximately 15-30minutes but it’s like people come in like waves lols.  I tried to find out when this restaurant opened but the most recent review I saw was dated back in 2011, so I’m guessing 3 years ago?  Still a relatively new restaurant that is situated on St. Clair (and Bathurst kinda).

The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder
(416) 658-9666
699 St Clair Ave W
Toronto, ON M6C

Let’s be serious here, just judging from the outside you know it’s not fine dining okay?  Restaurants like this boast speed, big portions, and hot hot food.  If you want to enjoy a nice brunch/dinner please head over to King Street or Yorkville.  Now that being said I do agree that some things can be improved though I think it’s unfair when reviewers give low marks for their service.  Please be aware of the following points before you visit this place and if you still have complaints, just order a frigg’n take-out.  Save yourself some trouble.
1. Leave your name (and number of people) once you arrive. Do not even think of coming in with more than 4 people, 4 is already too damn much. There is a maximum of maybe 15-20 seats and they are side by side, so we aren’t going to be sitting in circles/squares.
2. Come in light; as in do not carry your big purses and shopping bags because there is barely room to hang your shit. What I found interesting was that they had hooks underneath the table where the ladies can leave their handbags!
3. Don’t expect servers to come over. Usually they will come once to get your order but afterwards you need to holler out “I NEED HELP” or politely send them a finger signal lols. You can let them know when you need the bill and just head on over to the front counter. If this is your first time, just be observant of what others are doing.
4. They are friendly when they need to be, but they can also be rude as fuck.



It was our turn to be seated but somehow the group of 3 behind us got served first. In our head we were like WTF but we noticed that they had 4 seats and just thought that was how it worked. The lady server noticed and complained to the guy server who did this and said it was rude and unfair. I was gonna clap but held back and just said, “Thanks for vouching for us.”. She’s like “No, it’s unfair,” then proceeds to ask if the group of 3 would leave lols (and line-up again). They were so shocked and quickly apologized for what they had done. Noticing that the people in the back were about to leave, I said “It’s fine, just leave it. We can always wait for additional seats later.” Both the group of 3 and the waiters thanked us. They even gave us special service and a biscuit for our generosity. I think some people will be appalled at what happened but we all make mistakes. They made it up later by giving us extra food so nothing to complain about. Like I said, they can be good when they need to.

I think it’s probably called comfort food, we were absolutely stuffed to the throat. In fact, we had to do a doggy bag. What did we order? My boyfriend got the butter burger with fries and this is how I would describe it: super effing fatty food filled with fireworks of crunchy and everything awesome. As the burger suggests, it is filled with a shitload of butter (most likely) so that’s like the first thing you taste…just fat and more fat spilling into your mouth. In the first 0.5 seconds you are thinking, wow grossest thing ever. But then you start to register something crunchy and all the spices that they sprinkled and your taste buds explode with happiness. It’s honestly a heavy burger for someone who wants to stay thin but once in a while, I’ll forgive you so will the weight loss angel. The fries are very crispy but not hot enough. They gave us so much that even from what we brought home I couldn’t finish in one meal.




We move on to their main dish: FUCKING CHICKEN WINGS ON WAFFLE. Okay the waffle is not really sweet, more sourish/maple mix than anything. I was surprised by the taste but not really impressed by it. The skin on the chicken wings were GREAT but the meat itself was standard stuff. Unfortunately this dish could not beat that amazing burger but definitely a must-try cause just looking at it made me go WOW, how did they think of this combination?

My rating: 8.4/10
What it deserves: 8.5/10

The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder on Urbanspoon
I would definitely go again but might opt for take-out. Sitting there reminds me of Guu lols.


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