Why do you need to eat chicken wings at a Korean restaurant? What are the differences compared to let’s say St. Louis, All Star Wings, or even Pizza Pizza? Do they cook it differently or maybe just the fact that they are made by Koreans? Lols. Well time to find out…

Home of Hot Taste
5 Glen Cameron Road
Markham, ON L3T2A9
(905) 881-0230
*Cash only

I thought I would mention this because parking can be a bitch. It seems like any restaurant on Yonge will serve as a major headache for those who drive. There is a parking lot and you won’t have to do parallel parking, but wait you might actually have to park directly beside the restaurants because there is rarely room during dinner time. We were there on a normal but fucking freezing Saturday night. Arrived at the restaurant around 6:30pm and got a super nice spot. Fast forward half an hour and the parking lot looked like a zoo. My advice is to go in early if this is your first time!

Nothing great, nothing bad lols. Just take a look at the picture below. Counter seats are great, you get a lot of privacy but beware…the seats beside the windows are COLD. Now this weekend has been unusually cold in Toronto so this might just been a rare case. Don’t expect cushions to warm your seat either, they are normal chairs with normal tables.


Oh great, the best part of this post. If you came here to drink soup I’d venture to say there are better choices out there. If you are here for chicken then mister or ma’am you have found yourself a new chill place in Thornhill. Chicken wings taste pretty good, my boyfriend thinks his aunt could do the same but they are very crispy – not greasy – and well cooked! On the side you get to dip it in salt/pepper but that’s if you like things with EXTRA SEASONING. Now I am definitely missing out since I can’t handle spicy food but I have heard many nice things about their spicy chicken. The classic one which we ordered was about $16 for around 18 chicken wings. Honestly I have no complaints about the taste but the damn why are they so tiny??? Each wing is the size of my index finger (from the knuckle to the tip) and that’s not good because I can finish it in 3 bites EXACTLY. Now can a Large bucket of wings fill two adults? Simple answer is a “no” and my suggestion is to get another entree. We ordered the oyster kim chi fried rice as suggested online. I wasn’t disappointed but not exactly wow’ed since people praised it as a heavenly dish. My boyfriend on the other hand remarked again that his aunt could do better. The rice itself is definitely a little spicy and you can taste the kim chi mixed within.  I found a few pieces of oysters but they were not seasoned at all.  It appears to be hot since it’s served on some black dish but it totally isn’t.  The name honestly makes this entree sound amazing when really it’s just warm fried rice with maybe frozen seafood (recently melted).  I’m going to say that this place offers decent food given my criticisms/praise but does not stand out in any way to their other contenders.  Maybe…just maybe except for their chicken.




I forgot to add that they come with appetizers: radish and salad, which they will refill upon request. Service was great, it seems like there are always people walking around to offer help. Pretty impressed actually with their servers.

My rating: 7.9/10
Boyfriend’s rating: 7.5/10
Urbanspoon: 8.1/10

Home Of Hot Taste on Urbanspoon

My final verdict is that I like it. I just don’t think there’s anything special about this place, at least it’s not a restaurant I would tell all my friends to visit. Is it worth a try? Definitely. Did I mention that their beer is around $3.50? Yeah, that’s probably good for those who wanna chill around 12-2am.


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