To help people out, I’m going to post more info about each restaurant so you don’t necessarily have to google it for contact details.  Just a week ago I was at Nome Izakaya for my friend’s birthday.  I didn’t take photos of all the food but I do have an awesome shot for 2 of the dishes we ordered.  Let’s be frank, how many more of these fucking Izakayas are they going to build?  I swear, 3-4 in Toronto are enough…it’s not like they are getting any cheaper.  Nome Izakaya is located near Yonge and Sheppard but conveniently located right in front of a Green P parking lot (for those who hate finding parking spots in the Toronto area).

4848 Yonge Street, 647-347-7937

(As an aside, someone on their programming team messed up with the url lol.  Who names directories with ‘#’ and !’?  Or maybe I’m outdated with web programming now)


I really needed to write a section on this because fucking Toronto makes parking a bitch.  Green P parking lots are not the cheapest but definitely easiest to access and anyone can see that logo from far away.  I’m going to really caution you to drive South on Yonge because while travelling North on Yonge, I almost got hit when turning left into the parking lot.  Lesson of the day: better to turn right than to wait for 3 lanes to stop for you (one bastard will never stop).  Not to mention that my dad recently got into a car accident because of this around Steeles and Woodbine (though he thinks it was a fraud).  Parking was like $5 for me …and that was less than 2 hours, so carpool or TTC my friends.

How many times do I need to repeat myself?  Separate the door with a wall or some shit from where people fucking eat!  It has been freezing cold in Toronto and even when it’s normal, we get down to -15 degrees celsius and I don’t want the wind blowing at me whenever the door opens.  The only makeshift they have here is that heat is turned up really high so people sitting in the front aren’t exactly “frozen”.  Winter time mistake number 2: where the hell do people put their jackets?  It’s not as squishy as Guu Izakaya (though they have a coat rack) but for people who are sitting on stools, WHERE DO WE PUT OUR JACKETS?  Look, maybe I’m blind but our jackets had to be stacked on top of one another on one empty stool.  This directly relates to service: could they not have suggested something for us?  Many thin/sexy girls work here so great eye candy for the guys =)  I also wanted to add that the waitress somehow remembered my name, so that was pretty good lol.

Average.  IT’s so average lols.  One of their popular dishes is the Japa burger – 3 sliders basically priced at $8.80.  My friends tried it, nodding and giving it a thumbs up.  I’m pretty sure this is one of the better choices.  I tried the baked oysters.  They looked absolutely awesome but tasted kind of gross lols.  The oyster itself was hidden deep within its shell and I felt myself eating cream only..I wouldn’t have ordered this again lols.  Deep fried pork belly is priced at $6.50 and this is a must-order.  For its price, this is a better option than the forbidden baked-oysters and it was seasoned very heavily (yes, especially to my taste).  The only complaint I have is that it fills you up pretty quickly so it’s a dish to be shared.  My friends ordered the sushi and from what they said, it was “average” once again.  We also ordered the short ribs priced between $9-10, but I forgot if it was marinated or spicy.  It did taste quite good but it’s not anything unique or in other words, I don’t know how it differs from your normal KBBQ.  Takoyaki ($5.50) was fine, nothing to really write home about.


My rating: 7.3/10

Nomé Izakaya on Urbanspoon

I am pretty sure I gave them a higher rating than they deserved lols.  To sum it all, nothing is special about this place and the prices were not reflected in what we ate.  Nothing was truly disappointing (except for my baked oysters) but I didn’t feel a dish that popped out saying “EAT ME FUCKER!”  For someone who wants a real experience of Izakaya, I’d point my fingers to Fin or Guu or even Kingyo (I think that’s a new one right now).  But hey, if you are a foodie and wanna try every new Asian restaurant out there… be my guest!


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