It was my mother’s birthday this past weekend and I was looking up AYCE sushi restaurants in the GTA area.  Honestly the good ones are at least $25+/person and the average ones just suck.  My mom really enjoys eating sashimi but for me I’m not a big sushi fan.  I would say that I choose quality over quantity.  After a lot of thinking, we decided to go to Ten-Ichi.

I don’t know what some people are thinking but their service is top-notch.  We ordered our food and they came within 5 minutes (I’m not joking).  Food kept pouring in like no tomorrow, the only time we had to wait was for the desserts.  I think this is because the actual waiter goes in to scoop the stuff out.  Now we did arrive early and made a reservation for 6pm.  Everyone around us received their food relatively quickly but for those who are doing a walk-in, I won’t be able to speak for you.  I noticed that on urbanspoon and yelp that people complain about slow service, I’m guessing it’s a case by case basis.  Other than the fact that a table of rowdy kids were sitting beside us, I’d say I was happy with the restaurant.  And please, this is no white restaurant where people always ask “How is the food?”  From how I was raised, I honestly don’t need you to ask.  If I have a problem, I won’t shy away from telling you the food sucks lols.  When you go into an Asian restaurant, please lower your expectations; it’s not part of our norm.

THIS is what I call quality.  I’ve taken so many photos of the food but I’m Asian so it’s fine.  For those who think the food is average, are you comparing this restaurant to Japanese fine dining?  You know that they are pumping out dishes non-stop.  For an AYCE restaurant, this is clearly one of the best in Toronto.  Don’t even argue with me, just look at the frigg’n lines; they start piling up after 6pm on weekends.  Their portions are small so they aren’t trying to say “Please stuff yourself so that you won’t eat any more food”.  The positives: Beef is GODLY, they do teppanyaki here so don’t be stupid and eat moooooooar, sushi actually looks legit and won’t fall apart like your cheaper AYCE restaurants, tempura is fine (nothing special but it’s okay), the spicy beef udon is a must-try, sashimi is fresh and nicely arranged, mushroom was a surprise, takoyaki is only one level below Guu’s, seafood soup worth ordering at least once, and the dessert = HEAVEN.  Now the negatives: miso soup not hot enough.  What I really like is that they give you a large jug for tea so that you don’t need to always ask for refills.










They obviously renovated so that everything is more spacious.  And thumbs up for blocking wind chills from sweeping between the guest tables.

It’s around $25 for a normal buffet, and $2 extra for the teppanyaki.  I would say try the teppanyaki at least once but beware of tight seating.

My rating: 84%
An unhappy camper’s rating: 76%

The only explanations I can come up with for people to rate this place lower:
– long waiting times (should have read the fucking reviews!)
– food takes too long (I’ll give you that one but having been there twice, I never experienced this)
– too noisy (well, why don’t you wear ear plugs?)
– too cramped (it is now renovated)
– waiters are stupid (woah there, have you been to Yang’s Kitchen?)
– too far (get a car!)

Ten-Ichi Japanese Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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