What happens when you are walking outside and it’s absolutely freezing?  You forget about what time it is and rush inside a restaurant to eat lols.  We had originally booked our dinner table at 6:30 but actually started eating an hour early because it was so damn cold outside.  In December, Toronto’s Distillery District holds a Christmas market for about 2-3 weeks where freebies are given away and hot steamy food are served out in the cold lols.  Prior to entering the restaurant we even joined in to sing Christmas Carols (I think Toronto was trying to hit some record for the Guiness Book).  Archeo is probably not very well-known but it definitely wow’ed me.  Let’s take a look.

Pretty nice place; super spacious and decorated as a classic sub-urban setting.  Since it’s so big the downfall is that during winter times, big gusts of wind also enter whenever the door opens.  Unfortunately the restaurant didn’t think as far as building some type of barrier to block this.  So basically no matter where you sat, it’s going to be fucking cold.  The washrooms are actually really cool and it’s individualized.  First thing that came to my mind is a glorified version of airplane washrooms lols.  To sum it up the place looks neat and tidy but without thinking about temperature control, it can really piss you off.


(Had to cover up my boyfriend’s face lols)

The menu itself is quite small.  You don’t have a lot to choose from but maybe that’s why its quality is top-notch.  We ordered two different mains: orechietti (pasta) and spinach & fontina stuffed chicken breast.  Let me say that I haven’t tasted any pasta THIS good.  First of all, at the low cost of $16 is super super cheap for a restaurant like this.  What makes this pasta special is the strong taste, it isn’t covered in thick sauce or anything but it is heavily seasoned with probably red and black pepper.  My biggest complaint for pasta is when a sauce isn’t good enough.  Archeo skips the sauce and just goes straight to the pasta itself.  The dish itself is quite spicy including the sausages but if your tongue can handle it, it is absolutely a delight!  Now we move onto the chicken breast and holy shit, SPINACH IN CHICKEN?  It’s like heaven exploding in my mouth.  I need to add that the rice (as the side) was just a surprise, how did it taste that good?  The chicken’s skin was crisp (not over cooked) and why does everything just taste so flavourful?  If you want something bland, then please get out of here.  My only complaint is the bread because it was just too average lols.  And the olive oil bottles were so sticky, I really didn’t want to pick them up after my first dip.


Honestly pretty good.  Waiters are good-looking and they are always walking around.

Overall score: 8.8/10

Archeo Trattoria on Urbanspoon


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