I’ve been to several Canadian cities that are populated by Asian restaurants but Toronto is your best bet.  Recently Magic Noodle opened up in Scarborough (part of Toronto) and has created quite a buzz.  Doing reviews for restaurants is always difficult because it’s so subjective but a good restaurant is a GOOD restaurant.  I believe that when I tell others the restaurant is worth going to, it’s no joke.  Let’s start the review!

As the name indicates, Magic Noodle is known for their noodles.  They have several kinds available but from what I’ve heard the “cut noodles” is what you want to order.  Unfortunately I didn’t read up on the reviews beforehand and placed 2 orders of pulled noodles.  They aren’t bad but serves nothing special compared to what’s in town already.  I had ordered the pork noodles and holy shit it was bad LOL.  The pork was overcooked and could possibly ruin any senior’s teeth lols.  My boyfriend got the beef one and it was bland.  Yes, the beef was chewable but it just looked meh.  We also had two appetizers.  The skewers are decently priced so we tried the tentacle one but it was hard to chew.  I forgot the name of the other thing we ordered but it was not hot enough and tasted average.  I asked my friend who really recommended this place and she ordered lamb skewers which are supposed to be better.

We might have ordered the wrong things but it still totaled 4 items.  My friend noted that most places don’t cook the pork properly but in my mind, well then that place just sucks lols.  A bowl of noodles will cost you anything from $6-9 which is enough to fill an average belly.  Appetizers go from $2-6 which is quite fairly priced.  For what you are paying, the restaurant is worth trying out.  For some of the buzz that’s going around, it’s bogus lols.  I understand that every restaurant has their “must eats” but when this place is supposed to be a noodle house, what we ate was a disappointment.  I might go again to try their cut noodles and re-do this review but for now, it’s a “meh”.  I believe that a restaurant  can only be worthy of praise when at least 75% of their menu items are of ordering value (but I’m being nice here already).  It can be known for one particular dish but for now this restaurant will need some work.  By the way, their service is shitty like most Asian restaurants.  It is quite difficult to place orders without speaking Mandarin or Cantonese so beware!

image image


My Rating: 7.5/10
What others would Rate: 8/10

Magic Noodle on Urbanspoon


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