For those who are not familiar with Toronto’s top tourist areas, you might want to visit Medieval Times (located right beside the CNE).  I have to admit that downtown Toronto is fucking entertaining and that there is something going on daily.  Many people will have mixed reviews about this place and it’s not because it sucks.  Simply, people who go are not impressed with the prices and feel that they have been ripped off.  At medieval times you get to experience how it was like to live  in the 11th century.  You enter a make-believe castle and enjoy a jousting tournament between the six knights.

The castle:No complaints here, the place is actually fucking gigantic.  Parking is a bitch though.  You can actually google tips from other people about alternate parking spots but they aren’t that close.  If you do choose to park at the venue, it’s a flat rate of $11 (and I believe you have to pay in cash).  I suggest that you carpool if you choose that option.

The price:
It’s not cheap.  You are expecting to pay at least $60-80 per person but if you go when there is a groupon or promotion…then it’s awesome.  I only had to pay around $36 and shit so worth it lols.


Age group:
Believe it or not, any age is suitable for this.  Honestly I think I would have loved going as a kid because the actors are so into their roles that the experience itself is irreplaceable.  For myself I went with my boyfriend and although it wasn’t romantic, my 1.5 hours was well filled with excitement.
This is actually where most of the complaints go to.  We were served with the following: garlic bread, soup, chicken, potato, rib, pie, 2 drinks, and a tea/coffee.  The food was not awesome, average at best but can you really complain with all that variety?  By the way you have to eat everything by hand (kind of representing how it was like in the past).  The actors are so good because they made chicken sounds after serving each person with their piece of chicken and also screamed out “Dragon’s blood” while pouring the soup.  I’m okay with where my money is going to when all the workers are so dedicated to their work.


The actual fight:
I really don’t want to spoil it but it’s amazing.  The jousting tournament is basically the climax of this experience but everything that comes before it is just as good.  Some knights were hot man, I could see the mothers’ eyes widening and their mouths drooling lols.  We aren’t talking about WWF level fights but seeing sparks appear when their swords clash = super cool.  Everyone is seated in different teams and because you cheer for your own, it becomes a little competitive.  My boyfriend was so stupid, he kept boo-ing other teams like the kids lols.  The best seats are actually in the middle (black/white or red/yellow).  We sat in the black/white section and damn our knight won, it was so cool.


I think this is something you should experience at least once in your time at Toronto.  I wouldn’t put this as the top 5 things to visit if you are only here in Toronto for a week but if you live here, why didn’t you go?  Lol.  I’m not sure if I would have gone at regular price but if at any time there is a discount, DO GO.


My rating: 4.5/5 (based on how much I paid lol)
Others’ rating: 4/5 (if they paid full amount)


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