Just wanted to let everyone know that I have safely arrived in Toronto and feeling like a fucking KING.  I’m so happy to be back and have spent everyday fully with my one and only boyfriend.  For those who have been visiting my blog, I apologize for not updating the posts.  Honestly I started this blog when I was in rural Alberta because I felt miserable and bored.  Now that I’m back in Ontario (still northern/rural), I look forward to my weekends.  Even if I don’t go back every week I’m just happy that my hospital is big.  It’s so new!  Not to mention, my town actually has public transportation (buses!) and a fucking mall.

So while my mom visited me in Alberta (and also to help me pack), I did take her around the province.  Believe it or not, this writer had driven like 20 hours+ in one weekend.  I took her to Edmonton, Calgary, Banff, and Lake Louise.  To begin I wanted to talk about the food store, BeaverTails.  As a Canadian-based pastry stand, BeaverTails began its adventure in 1978.  What started off as merely a stand in Ontario has now blossomed into franchises and licenses in 3 countries (Canada, United States, and Saudi Arabia).  I actually first noticed BeaverTails at Queen’s University (Kingston, ON) where I completed my graduate school.  I just didn’t know what the buzz was about and was too lazy to actually line up outdoors because of the freezing weather.  After taking my mom to Banff I thought she might like it so we gave it a try.  Let’s take a look at some of the pictures…



Since I was cheap, I ordered the basic flavour – Chocolate Hazelnut.  Let me
warn you beforehand that eating this “BeaverTail” is not an easy task, in fact you better be prepared to get DIRTY.  Once you receive your order, be sure to eat it REALLY FAST because the stuff melts and chewing while hot is HEAVEN-LIKE.  This is an aside but Obama actually ate BeaverTail in Ottawa as well, so you might want to give it a try =p  It has been named as one of the top ten delicacies in Canada by msn.

(Credits: Pete Souza)

My Rating: 8.2/10
What it deserves: 8.4/10

I’d honestly go again but it’s not something I would eat every month.  Do I find it as special as msn described it?  Probably not but it’s definitely something worth trying if you are visiting Banff or Ottawa.


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