Despite being a totally useless blog in the past couple of days, I still manage to get some viewers.  Someone give those tags a pat on the back, without google searches…my blog would be swatting flies =.=”

Why have I been so busy?  I’ve taken a student at work and it’s quite exhausting.  The student is a bit immature and needs a bigger push to actually work…but I love teaching so it’s all good.  The other point I wanted to raise was that I’ve gotten a few interviews and perhaps I can fly out of this rural town EVENTUALLY.  I promised to talk about my adventures in Vancouver, yet I’m swamped with work.  Let’s take a look at this special cuisine!

JAPADOG started off in 2005 when a couple from Japan decided to open a food stand in Canada.  Their first destination was Vancouver, British Columbia and they invested their time to produce japanese style hot dogs.  Currently, JAPADOG has 7 locations, one of which is in New York.  Prior to writing this post I did a quick read on their website and was quite touched by their history/about us section.  It all started with 2 dedicated people and eventually this creation grew and they were able to hire additional employees.  The one I visited was their “original” stand which is at Burrard and Smithe Street, you can take a look at their website here: http://www.japadog.com/burrard_smithe_En.html

I’m going to be brutally honest here, for $7-8…this hot dog was not worth its price.  The creation itself was extremely original and I appreciated that…but the taste was nothing astounding.  In my opinion, everyone should still try it, however it’s not something out of the world.  I’ve attached photos of the hot dogs we ate.  If Japadog lowered their prices to like $4-5…they would get so many more customers, SERIOUSLY!


My Rating: 3.5/5
Normal People: 4/5

Japadog on Urbanspoon


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