I recently bought a blender from Wal-mart and I actually have very minimal experience with this type of appliance.  I’m going to say that a $10 blender is probably not as good as one that’s around $100 =p.  There are many brands out there that I would recommend or have heard from friends are dependable such as magic bullet, Ninja (did I spell this right lols), and I’m sure anything that costs $100+ is probably not bad.  I bought one for around $30 from Sunbeam and it worked in making a smoothie.  For my blender, it has 6 separate speed options and an extra one that allows manual control.  It’s seriously dummy-friendly and looks alright (difficult to make an ugly blender really).  Let’s now look at the recipe!



1 banana (cut up in slices)1 peach (skin peeled and chopped into cubes)
6-7 medium-sized ice cubes
1/4 cup orange juice
1 teaspoon of honey
6 oz of peach yogurt (3/4 of a cup is fine too)

FYI: I adapted the ingredients from this website – http://www.pillsbury.com/recipes/peach-banana-smoothie/8578aa79-7c33-4455-8d66-539aa2b139a0


1. Place all your ingredients into the blender
2. Press the “smoothie” button if there is one and wait until mixture is smooth (typically 2 minutes)
3. Serve cold!  You can also place the excess smoothie into the fridge for storing =)

The site where I got this from said 5 minute preparation time, but these people must be super fast lols.  Let’s be a little realistic and give ourselves somewhere between 10-15 minutes.  I’d say it’s definitely doable if you want to do this in the morning prior to work.  I’d probably only give myself this treat on weekends though.  If you ever doubt the benefits of a smoothie then you have not been properly educated.  I always thought orange juice was the best thing on earth until my friend (dietitian) told me it wasn’t.  Fruit juice actually contains a lot more carbohydrates than we would expect and this sudden surge can inflame our arteries upon intake.  Natural enzymes are removed which prevents us from getting the necessary nutrients.  The reason most of these nutrients are gone lies in the processing method, where heat is applied in killing off the bacteria and of course other positive stuff.  Since 2004, orange juice consumption has suffered more than a 33% drop and we can probably thank health education for that.  Somehow this recipe post spun around and became an anti-juice campaign.  Just so you know, I still drink orange juice but I definitely limit my consumption and so should you!


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