So last year I was in Tokyo and I’ve been pretty lucky because it was my third time going.  Thought I would spice my blog up a bit by talking about my previous adventures and I spent the least time in Odaiba so we can start off with this one!

A little about Odaiba….
To get to Odaiba, you might want to take the Yurikamome line which connects directly to the Yamanote line.  If you are confused already then I advise you to take a look at this site: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3008.html  I will do an in-depth explanation of how to get there later, but Odaiba can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour (one way) to travel.  This is if you are living along one of the stations on the Yamanote line.  Typically I stay in Ikebukuro because it’s on the Yamamote line and has this gigantic mall that I love walking through every morning haha.  Odaiba is definitely like a tourist area, it houses amusement parts and outlet malls.  Just last year, it opened a new mall which is around 8-10 floors and has a museum for the lovely mecha series, Gundam.  Right outside the building, an actual 1:1 size of the model can be viewed AND taken pictures with.  Obviously, no touching allowed =p

I’m not going into the nitty gritty details but more about how I did it.  I went with my mom and yes, I basically did all the research and navigating.  If you are going with friends, I’m pretty sure your experience would be much easier.  I do have to add that I minored in Japanese and can do basic conversations in the language….so I have an advantage lols.


For us foreigners this is like a whole circle of fuck lols.  Believe me, it only gets worse from here.  Tokyo is a busy city embedded in Japan but as you can see Tokyo is ALSO a point on this railway map.  To get to Odaiba, you will need to somehow get to Shimbashi (located near the right side and bottom of this circle).  The Yamanote line is managed by a company called JR so when you are traveling in Japan, you often see the JR symbol close to it and highlighted in green.  The train runs clockwise and counterclockwise, in fact there are trains that do the express line (a difference of outer vs. inner circle).  My advice for you is to do a shitload of research before you even land in Japan.  But do not worry, I will do a post on riding the JR line in the near future.  Anyhow once you do arrive at Shimbashi, you will need to walk quite a distance to reach the Yurikamome line (go to: http://www.yurikamome.co.jp/en/contents/hp0005/index.php?No=5&CNo=5).  This is quite a treat because the rails border along different buildings and damn, that ticket price will cost you a fortune (like $4-5 one way) lols.  Anyhow, Shimbashi is the last station so you CANNOT take it the wrong way.  Just look for the direction it goes towards and it should say Toyosu!


As indicated above, you are aiming to go to either Daiba or Odaiba-kaihinkoen.  Which one do you want to go to?  That depends on where you want to go first.  It really doesn’t matter where you get off because it’s walking distance between the two stations.  Now when you do board the train to go back home, make sure you take the train that takes you to Shimbashi and NOT Toyosu.  But if you feel like traveling to another mall, you may go to Lalaport Toyosu (which I did and I don’t think it was anything amazing).

Travel Spots
Can you do everything within a day?  Definitely not lols.  If you are just in for this to shop, then make sure you come bright and early.  However if you have lots of days planned in Tokyo, feel free to get a hotel and stay overnight.  I’m only going to talk about the places I’ve toured so bear with me please lols.

Palette Town
It’s basically an area in Odaiba where a frigg’n huge mall exists, a ferris wheel, and just some randoms.  Below is the center point of the mall, called Venus Fort.  It resembles greatly to that casino I talked about earlier in my Macau post except this is PURELY a mall.  Once again you can see that the ceiling changes colours periodically and I’m pretty sure they have background music playing 24/7.  The stuff in this mall is a little more pricey even though it gives off an outlet feel.  The lowest floor sells stuff for kiddos and some pet stuff/appliances.  The food court is gorgeous and I know I forgot to grab a bite of that damn ice cream.  Outside this mall, a very famous ferris wheel stands and I wish I had the guts to go on.  If you watch a lot of jdoramas then you WILL KNOW once you see it.  Anyhow these photos weren’t taken just from last year because the Michael Jordan exhibit dates back to my 2010 visit.  I swear I took more photos the second time I went to Odaiba than my third…lazy me.  If you want to know what else you can visit, these are the stuff I missed:

– Toyota Mega Web (You can test drive Toyota’s cars but you have to pay for a fee)
– Leisureland (I think it’s just a place to play sports and other wicked games like ninja hunt?)






Aquacity Odaiba

Just another mall but it has a theatre inside.  You might want to come here if you like the Jump! manga and want to purchase some merchandise.  I totally missed something when I went here before but apparently you can try ramen from all over Japan on the fifth floor or something, please confirm for me!  I have a crush for chopper from One piece (that cartoon below).  So when you go into restaurants, most of the time they will ask, “How many people?” then it’s followed by the question, “Do you smoke?”  Where I went, we got to see a spectacular view and I swear…it was heaven!  I’m not sure why they have a miniature version of the statue of Liberty but I found it hilarious lols.






(This is a picture taken from the top of the theatre, pretty neat layout)

Decks Tokyo Beach

Much like the previous posts, this is another mall but with amusement parks like Joypolis.  Back when I visited this mall there were a Hong Kong themed floor and a Muscle Park and much to my surprise, they are currently closed!  Right now, they substituted the two with a Legoland discovery thing and a Trick Art Museum.  I prefer the Hong Kong stuff, well I am from Hong Kong of course.  My mom is going to hate me, she’s like in every picture lols.





DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

Welcome to the meat of this post, the grand opening of this plaza took place in the summer of 2012.  I was extremely lucky because I was there approximately one month after it opened.  I’m not too sure if the Gundam statue is still around but damn it’s gorgeous.  So right below is a picture of the ramen you can get in this mall’s food court.  What’s really unique is that they have “thank you’ written in different languages on the seaweed.  Needless to say I didn’t even read it and just chomped it down LOL.



(Just look at this baby, we are literally the height of its foot)


(What I would do to be inside this thing and drive it home)


(Another look at the beautiful food court.  Look at those chairs, they just scream amazing)


(An admission to the gundam front museum is approximately 11USD or whatever depending on the conversion rate, typically 100 yen is around $1USD)


(I don’t know this guy…I was hoping I’d get a character from Gundam Wing or Gundam Seed lols)


(Pictures are limited in the museum and I rather keep to myself what happens once you go in.  It would have been better if I knew what they were saying though haha)


That concludes my post on Odaiba.  I tried to write less and let you drool over my photos more.  I’ve attached a few more random ones below and hope all of you feel OBLIGATED to go to Tokyo.  Wait until I upload more posts.  You will buy that plane ticket soon =)






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