I’m actually at home sick, what a way to celebrate my 100th post.  It has been 6 months since the opening of this blog and I wanted to thank everyone for being great readers.  Some of you consistently like my posts (even when they are horrible) and some are hermits and only message me once in a while to tell me “I’m actually your fan”.  Regardless of your status, I’d like to thank all my readers for coming.  My shoulders, eyes, and neck hurt like hell, not a point where I couldn’t go to work but I figured I’d stay home since my sick days bank is limitless.  So during my stay at home, I decided to get cozy with my Photoshop software and design a quick summary of my blog.  Let’s take a look below.


Not too shabby right?  For some reason my screen kept flickering whenever I used “brushes” and it pissed me off so much.  I always say I’ll make a post on something like colds/coughs and I really want to make one on shoulder pain.  It sucks that I’m a therapist and I can’t solve my own issues.  Hard to believe that my patients are actually getting better lols.  I was listening to a Jpop radio station but the music was so mellow, thinking chumfm from Toronto would be better I quickly switched.  However, they are playing the worst songs ever omg…my eyes.

Anyhow I’m ready to give someone a gift since it’s my 100th post.  Honestly it’s like the cheapest shit ever but hope you will actually like it.  I will be sending you a REAL postcard (visual is from either Orlando Studios or Drumheller, Alberta)…and if you don’t like either of those, I will send you a nice thank you card from pingg.  All you have to do is comment on this post, and yes you have to be the first one.  I will pay for the shipping/stamp fees and it doesn’t matter where you live (maybe not Neptune).  Obviously if you don’t like revealing your own address then this contest is basically a fail LOLs.  In that case, whatever freebie I have next, you will always have first dibs.  My email is: awonger[at]hotmail.ca (please replace the square brackets with @) if you rather send me a message there.

Choices (if you are willing to provide address): Free postcard with my written message OR Free empty postcard that you can use OR Free muji pen (blue or red) OR Free Big Bang Kpop stickers

Alternate Choices (for those who don’t want to reveal their address): Free ecard where you are the recipient OR you get first dibs on my next freebie

For my next 200th post, I will definitely give better gifts.


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