I really can’t believe this but one year ago I was in Macau, why the heck do I keep moving around?  I also found out that I’ve lost quite a bit of weight as browsing my past photos make me cringe.  I was damn obese.  Those fat memes could potentially have my face pasted on top =.=”  This post is going to be a bit lengthy but I feel motivated to write about Asia, especially regarding a place that I had so much fun in!

Macau in 12 hours…

The pork chop bun is renowned in Macau for being fucking tasty, well it was not.  Back in the days (probably 10+  years ago), this would hold true but the stores are just stealing money out of everyone’s pockets.  Look at the bun below, it’s like the pork lost weight or something…why is it SO FLAT??  I even attempted to buy another one at a DIFFERENT store but my fate was the same.  I swear pork chop bun used to be like an item to “die for”, but now it’s just meh.  Anyhow I am 99% sure there are better pork chop buns around in Macau and that my laziness just led me to these crappy places.  I actually did a quick google search today and if you plan well ahead, you should be able to find the better ones.


(The pork doesn’t fill the whole bun and it’s THIN)


(This one is funnier lol…)

This is pretty random but it seems like I need to drink bubble tea in Asia, it’s just the right thing to do.  For those who don’t know, bubble tea is a specialty drink made with milk/tea/other flavours coupled with tapioca (the black bubbles in here).  Did I mention that I love monkeys?  This drink is totally perfect for me…


The Ruins of St. Paul is THE PLACE TO VISIT if you are in Macau.  I’ve read on multiple sites and we are all in a consensus, don’t be an idiot and not visit this tourist location.  Unfortunately taking pictures here is like impossible, just look at the amount of people gathered in front.  I know that China has a problem with overpopulated communities, but this is just ridiculous.  I feel like I have to come at 6am to get a good picture of me, myself, and the Ruins of St. Paul.


(When I first arrived, I prayed for a miracle that everyone would clear out)


(A little closer but nothing has really changed lol)


(“Rap it out yo, we asian, we asian”  Lol, just kidding.)

A Ma Temple was our next stop and I thought I could get some good luck charms here … but I couldn’t handle the heat and left lols.  I think I should have briefed everyone that I was pouring in sweat from the humidity and hotness.  The mosquitoes were sucking out all my remaining blood and the smoke from A Ma Temple made everything 10x worse.  Even though I’m Chinese, my knowledge of the ancient history or whatever is so limited that I should feel ashamed.  I don’t even know what I did in that temple but even after googling what the hype is about it’s just a place for visiting/taking pictures.  Apparently it’s one of the oldest temples in Macau and was constructed in 1488 (damn!) to commemorate the sacred sea goddess.


(Yeah…let’s all take a picture of that kid)

It wasn’t until I googled this that I found out…holy crap I went to the world’s LARGEST frigg’n casino.  Please add that to my list of largest things visited.  I remember when I first went in, “Is this a mall, casino, hotel, or amusement park?”  LOL, I was in total shock and disbelief but also very relieved because we had air conditioning.  Why not take a look below to see what I witnessed?


(This looks like an airport/hotel)


(It’s like wtf…why is a mall so beautiful)

Anyhow that’s it for now.  We actually went to a few more places in the 12 hours that we were in Macau.  I would actually suggest travellers to make it a 2 day trip so that things aren’t as rushed.  Luckily for us a family friend guided the tour so he knew all the buses that took us around places.  Make sure you bring lots of water if you are planning to go in the summer because it gets SUPER HOT.


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