A lot of people will hammer the fact that “There’s no such thing as free lunch” literally and expressively.  When someone comes up to you offering something that is unbelievably good FOR FREE, you gotta do a second take to see what this person is up to.  But in this world, there are people out there who will give you things for free…like that nice kid who walks the senior across the street or your neighbour who shovels driveways without a cost.  This weekend I saw a flyer for FREE breakfast and lunch, I’m like nooooooooo way!  My friend and I decided to take a look and shit, it’s true.  Basically everyone gets a burger or hot dog just for coming but obviously we have to line up.  Lunch was served between 12-2pm and I started lining up around 12:30pm.  Believe it or not, I was in that effing line for 45 minutes and let me show you the pictures:


Your first thought…why is there no bun?  Exactly, they ran out of buns by the time I reached the table.  I felt sorry for my burger so I squirted some ketchup on it for decoration purposes.  My friend who waited in line with me didn’t even get a burger so she got tomatoes instead lols.  Nobody really made a ruckus because the event was free and I’m glad everyone was so respectful.  The only thing I wished the organizers would have done was stop the line so that people behind us didn’t have to wait for nothing.  Anyhow, free stuff is awesome and I’m glad the people this weekend understood that concept.  When you are given free stuff, respect the people offering it and don’t complain!  As a side note, that burger was DELICIOUS.


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