I’m beginning to think that I’m addicted to visiting places that are known as “the largest”…etc.  However, I’m going to be frank and tell you that out of the 2 places I have gone in the past month, they have all been disappointing lols.  In Alberta, Canada most people associate the hot spots to be Banff, Jasper, and Edmonton (for its mall).  If you talk to the locals you will learn that Drumheller holds one of the greatest landscapes in the province because it’s completely different from what’s around.  Over the May Long Weekend, my friend and I rented a car (for only $33!!!) and drove to Drumheller.  The drive from Red Deer to Drumheller is a little less than 2 hours but RIGHT before you hit the town, you go down a slope and BAM!  You get hit by the sudden change in scenery.  The town is kind of situated in a little ditch, or a dug out valley so reception is extremely poor in Drumheller.  We actually didn’t have the world’s largest dinosaur in our itinerary but had a bit of extra time.

The World’s Largest Dinosaur is not a fossil lols, but that’s what I had initially thought.  It stands 86 feet high (put into perspective that most of us are between 5-6 feet tall) and can be toured from the inside.  The admission price is around $3, and you can go up this gigantic dinosaur (we cheaped out and didn’t go up lols).  I’ve heard from a few people that it’s not really worth the price, but for $3 I’d recommend bringing your kids there if you travelled from elsewhere.  A real T-rex is not this big (so don’t worry), the dinosaur here is 4.5 times the size of one.  This dinosaur was modelled after a female T-rex but what’s funny is the palm tree’s placement.


(Took this picture while walking from our crapptastic hotel: Travelodge)

Drumheller itself is definitely worth visiting, but don’t hold high hopes for this dinosaur.  We stayed for 2 days and had a good time.  I probably (90%) wouldn’t come back here but I’d highly recommend it to families.  I feel that the place would be more fun for kids than adults =p

Due to the certain angle of the camera shot, it looks like the dinosaur has a gigantic penis (fittingly so lols).


(The quality of other people’s pictures are always 100x more awesome than my own)


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