Go there, this is the end of my post lols.


I’ve heard many positive reviews for Shake Shack and it was hailed as the best burger place in the States.  In Toronto, we all think that Burger Priest is like the best thing on earth.  Well, Torontonians need to visit Shake Shack because THAT shit is unbelievable (it’s going to shake your balls off literally).  The first day we ordered a strawberry shake and wow it’s so smoooooooth.  You know when you see a hot girl and your jaw drops?  That’s what we did after drinking the shake lol.  Day 2 we went again to Shake Shack and ordered the chocolate shake which was just as good but strawberry is still the champion.  In addition, we tried a regular burger with bacon and my eyes wanted to water from its awesomeness.  Fast forward to Day 4 (last day in Miami) and we ordered 2 burgers and a strawberry shake.  I ordered the Shack Burger and I felt my lips shouting “YESSSSS!”.  There was something about the crunchiness of the meat (the sides were burnt just right) and the cheese was oozing into my mouth like it was being pulled by a strong force of osmosis.  I think I need to try the cheese fries next time lols.


Atmosphere – 3/5
Food – 5/5
Service – 4/5
Overall: 4.2/5 (If we took atmosphere away, this restaurant deserves a 4.5)

Shake Shack on Urbanspoon


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