Just so you all know, I was sick with a fever (chills and shivering) but my body is better now.  I’ve had a shit 2 days since coming back from my vacation.  Fucking United Airlines lost my suitcase (which is now on its way to me) and did not give me satisfactory customer service.  Not to mention, the bus I took from Edmonton to my shit town did not make a stop.  The driver stated that we must use the “unusable” washroom in the car or wait 3 hours.  He didn’t make a stop for anyone and won’t allow us to buy food that was a 2 minute walk away when he was picking up customers in the middle.  Anyhow I went to work right after this afternoon and I feel like shit.  Please be prepared for a gigantic rant on United Airlines.  I better get my suitcase because I have a limited supply of underwear currently.

Now on to my original post…

Prior to arriving in Florida, I had looked up some coupons for dinners and lunches.  Some really good sites that I would recommend to you folks include LivingSocial and Groupon.  Just a word of warning, these sites send a shitload of emails advertising their deals and you must login to change the settings.  I’m going to admit that I rather delete the emails than to actually login (that’s how lazy I am).  By purchasing these deals online, you do save a lot of money but lose the freedom to choose whatever based on where you are at that specific time.  For example, you might be at a mall and feeling too tired to drive up to Restaurant A.  But because you bought the coupon, you have no choice but to tough it up.  Why I brought up this situation is because this happened to us.  We were dead tired from shopping at 2 different outlets and my boyfriend just wanted to eat cup noodles in the hotel.  Unfortunately it was our last night in Miami and there was no other way to get a refund for our Groupon.  Thankfully, we arrived at the restaurant and it was a delight!


The coupon that we received included: 1 appetizer, 2 entrees, and 1 dessert all for $28 (bombtastic deal!).  We chose to sit inside because the decor was very unique. The wine list was showcased in a bottle and the dessert was found inside a box (totally cool).  The waiter was very friendly and gave us tomato-cheese bread on the house.  I think the best thing was the mussels, the sauce was so good we wanted to drink it solo.  I ordered a passion fruit drink and damn, it totally tickled my tongue with a brilliant sensation lol.  The entrees were not bad but the mashed potatoes were top-notch.  Dessert was mediocre, nothing to write home about.  My boyfriend thought the waiter was very good and perhaps gave us the best service since arriving in Miami.  It’s not a very big restaurant but it’s a great start for tourists like ourselves.


Atmosphere – 4/5
Food – 4/5
Service – 4.5/5
Overall: 4.2/5

Bolivar on Urbanspoon


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