One of my dreams is to sit outside and enjoy a relaxing meal in the sun. I thought I would have to wait 3 more years before fulfilling this simple wish of mine, but it happened just 2 days ago! In those romance movies where you see the main actress reading a novel and sipping coffee, it usually occurs somewhere in Europe. Currently, the webmistress is in Florida…specifically MIAMI! Along Licoln Lane, restaurants and individual stores fill this short strip of land. All the restaurants offer outdoor seats in addition to their indoor service. We had no idea that Lincoln Lane looked so cool, so when dinner time hit we just chose the restaurant with the most costumers….but shit were we ever wrong!

There was a huge line-up just to get seated, and because it was so crowded the waitresses were all giving us remarks for standing in their way. Well bitches, if you made your restaurant more user-friendly we wouldn’t have to block your way. In fact, if you knew how to walk properly you girls wouldn’t be bumping into us. Honestly, we didn’t know where to stand because there was no specific “waiting area” for the guests. We were like lost penguins, wob wob.


After getting seated, the food took approximately 45 minutes to get delivered. My boyfriend had ordered a steak as “medium” but it was obviously well done, I swear my teeth were going to get pulled out just from one bite. The food was not warm, it was fucking cold lols. We thought it could not get worse, but the waitress dropped the frigg’n knife behind my boyfriend and in his seat. Yeah, shit’s coming now LOL. My boyfriend didn’t want to give her any tips at all and the bill came ready with 15% gratuity so we just went ‘meh’. It seems in the states that “tips” is always included in the bill, though it could potentially be disputed. Next time you walk along Lincoln Lane, make sure you urbanspoon the restaurants before trying one based on popularity!

Atmosphere – 2.5/5
Food – 2/5
Service – 1/5
Overall: 2/5

Nexxt Cafe on Urbanspoon


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