I eat fruits, do you eat fruits?  If you said no, you probably have some “big” issues when you go to the bathroom (as in difficulty with pooing).  Fruits act as a fiber that can push out digestive materials while maintaining its high nutrient and low calorie content.  Among the high-fiber category, we have the following fruits: banana, grapes, kiwi, mango, peach, watermelon and much more (I just listed the ones I would eat lols).  But sometimes I get bored of eating fruits and want to spice it up.  Over the weekend I decided to make chocolate dipped strawberries.  It’s seriously the easiest thing to make (somewhat unhealthy, thus defeating the purpose of eating fruits) but is AN ABSOLUTE TREAT!



1. Buy a box of strawberries (it’s going to be difficult to poke around to determine whether they are bad or not, but look for signs of mold.)
2. Wash the strawberries (give it a good rinse 2-3 times with cold water)
3. Take out the top part (optional)
4. For chocolate, the better the quality the better the taste (I used crappy chocolate btw)
5. Put the chocolate in a small bowl and place it in a pan for steaming.  I like to set the temperature to medium and use a lid in the first few minutes.
6. It usually takes 5-10minutes for the chocolate to fully melt, then add some milk (optional)
7. Watch the bowl occasionally and stir to break up the tiny bits
8. Here comes the fun part, I usually set the stove to “low” and dip my strawberries in.  Make sure you roll the strawberries around so that all sides are covered with yum yum chocolate.
9.  Usually there’s some chocolate left and i use a spoon to drip the rest over my strawberries (kind of like making a design).

Tips: Insert a toothpick at the end to assist with the twirlling of strawberries.  I’ve worked with many chocolate brands and Lindt works pretty well.  But don’t fret about buying expensive chocolate if you are on a tight budget, usually adding some milk will do the trick.  To make your strawberries absolutely fabulous, try sprinkling nuts on top or drizzle white chocolate


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