Where the hell did I go the last 4-5 days?  Well folks, I traveled all the way to Calgary (6 hour drive) and stayed there for Easter weekend!  I don’t really know where to start but I thought we could talk about Banff.

Where is it?
Banff is approximately 1.5 hours west from Calgary (driving time).  As you do the drive, many mountains can be spotted along the side.  Most people come in the winter for sports like skiing, tubing, and snowboarding.  We actually came here for a quick tour/walk since it’s so close to Calgary.

Banff is actually surrounded by many other tour spots like Lake Louise and Bow River.  I am not a big TV fan, but The Bachelor actually filmed one of their episodes in Lake Louise, specifically at the Fairmont Hotel.  Obviously one of my friends begged us to walk inside the hotel.  We were pretty shocked because the hotel is GIGANTIC.  It looks spectacular from the outside and a woman was playing the harp in the lobby (talk about luxurious) lol.


Since we are nearing the end of Winter (oh gosh it’s March already!), the ice has also started to melt!  We thought we had nothing to worry about because so many people were walking ON TOP of Lake Louise.  2 of my friends actually had their legs fell through the ice and barely climbed out.  Obviously it was just a few holes here and there, but it’s no joke!  I seriously think that in 2-3 weeks, they would have to stop people from walking along the ice.  Please look below for the scary scene lols!


Below is a breathtaking picture of the Bow River, which is just a few minutes away from Banff.  We only walked around the town (for shopping and such).


I posted some of these pictures on my facebook and received pretty good comments!  I think everyone needs to go to Banff.  So I’m sure you readers are wondering which one is better, Banff or Jasper?  Honestly they are quite similar, so I’d say choose only one if you are planning a short stay in Alberta.  Banff gives a more touristy feel whereas Jasper portrays a small town environment.  If you are staying in Edmonton, both locations are approximately the same distance (Banff might be 45 minutes farther).  I would probably choose Banff over Jasper because it’s bigger, more shops to explore, and many other sites to visit within a few days.  From what I heard, Canmore is great for caving!  And yes…that’s probably going to be my next destination =p


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