I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I either have a sinus infection, cold, flu, or allergies.  Over the weekend I thought I was closer to a sinus infection but after work today…I’m beginning to think it’s a cold.  I had some tough clients today and somehow managed to survive the day.  Tomorrow our department is showing awareness at some health event, I really don’t want to go given my current condition =.=”  I also think it’s stupid that we need to sell our profession, I’m not boasting or anything but with 2 hours I can help patients do real shit.

Anyhow, even though I’m closed to dying from exhaustion I still made a pretty decent meal.  I’m not even sure if I should post the recipe (as everything was done on a whim) but it’s pretty simple stuff.


Asparagus (1/3 of a bundle)
Bacon (5 pieces, cut in half)
Pepper (for seasoning)
Dressing (for the pasta lols)

All you have to do is cut both the asparagus and bacon in half for preparation.  Bundle one half piece bacon around 3-4 asparagus sticks and assemble everything on a dish.  Make sure to cover the dish with tin foil or some type of lining (oil will be produced later on).  Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees F and set the timer for 12-15 minutes at this temperature.  When the timer goes off, just flip the sides and put the dish back in for another 12-15 minutes.  You could also increase the temperature for the second half and reduce the time.  Feel free to play with the time for the crispiness that you desire lols.

I am quite proud of myself because the food turned out pretty good.  It’s best that the asparagus is soft enough to chew on and not TOO soft that it’s just mush.  I do want to go to work tomorrow, don’t feel like calling in sick (leaving that until end of the week lols).  Have any of you made this dish before?  I made enough to bring leftovers to work, hopefully someone will comment on its awesome-ness.


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