Hello readers, look at your food, now back to me, now back at your food, now back to me.  Sadly, it isn’t me, but if you stopped being untalented and lazy and switched to thesfarm’s recipes, your food could taste like me.  Jokes aside, the above picture dictates the PERFECT (actually it’s over the top) Chinese New Year Dinner.  You are all saying that must be photoshopped.  Actually this image isn’t even mine lols.  I had the opportunity to go eat dim sum with a few friends in Calgary but I figured it wasn’t worth a 14 hour round trip.  Where the hell do I live right?

Just so you know what I made, please refer to the picture below:


Honestly it’s edible, the soup on the left has carrots/potatoes/tomatoes/seasoned pork.  It’s really a pretty decent dinner but for CNY, I was somewhat disappointed.  Damn…I MISS THE CITY.

(Image credits: the Honeycombers)


5 thoughts on “the food you wish your food could taste like…

  1. I can’t believe you made the meat and veggies. I am so proud of you. It actually looks very appealing. The soup…. ahah.. lets just leave it at that.

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